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3 Aug 2010 . Screws are a "superior" fastener over a nail (they have far superior tensile strength) - especially if you're talking about screwing down decking.

Why do decking contractors use screws when building framers use .

30 Oct 2016 . Nails are cheaper to use in large quantities then screws, and they are also faster. . Written Nov 1. Others have spoken about shear strength etc. of screws versus nails, but there is another really important reason - productivity.

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1 Sep 2009 . Nailing remains a viable and effective way to fasten decking, particularly . and how much shear strength a fastener contributes to the deck in a.

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18 Oct 2013 . Most pro deck builders use pneumatic nail guns because they're fast. . and the tremendous holding strength is spread out over a greater area.

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Nails. Screws. Joint Design. Lateral Loads. Withdrawal. Fastener Spacings. Connection . low installation cost per unit shear strength .. Timber deck fixing.

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DIY Network explains the different types of hardware used for hanging pictures, doing woodworking and a variety of repair projects.

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Be on the safe side when in doubt and use extra nails, having too few nails can result in diminished holding strength that might allow the beam to separate.

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Choosing the right nail length; Decking Nails (OTTER? Timberdeck Nails) . For a shorter nail or to improve holding power use a threaded nail, such as an.

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2 Feb 2010 . They're called joist hanger nails because that's about the only thing they're good . The most common joist hanger I find on decks is a LUS28*. .. will stick out of the header material and not provide any extra shear strength.

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5 Jul 2016 . Nails have been used for deck construction, but they aren't the best fastener. . on the use of nails that had corroded and couldn't hold the weight. . When you pound a nail into wood, you create stress around the nail and it.

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18 Dec 2015 . This video demonstrates the shear strength of a standard construction nail, compared to a deck screw. The screw snaps off after a couple twists,.

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If you install them properly, joist hangers will keep your decks and floors . So the next time you hold a square dance or weight-lifting contest on your deck, you'll . in. long 16d nails to secure a hanger to a wall ledger gives you added strength.


Few professionals still install decking with nails, as screws do a much better job. .. shear strengths and holding power equivalent to comparable lag screws.

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15 Mar 2013 . Screws are a "superior" fastener over a nail (they have far superior tensile strength)〞especially if you're talking about screwing down decking.

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Screws for furniture, Nails for stud walls and decks. . Nails are just about as strong as screws in shear force (i.e. if you have two surfaces nailed.

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They have inadequate shear strength to support the structural roof load. Also, because . This is a gold deck screw designed for fastening deck planking to joists.

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This guide recommends connectors and fasteners for deck . codes contain other requirements regarding aspects of deck .. shear nailing for added strength.

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Only an approved fastener should be employed - usually a nail. . has a much lower resistance to shear loads compared to the more ductile nails. .. I've been using screws in timber roof and decking and haven't had them.

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A ring shank nail incorporates annular rings that force the wood fibers into the . A hot galvanized coating will flow into the rings and may reduce the holding .. The industry took notice when exterior decks and railings started coming apart.

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Wood Framing Stud, Joist, Porch, Deck Board Screws & Nails .. The holding power of a nail (or screw) fastener, the force that keeps the structure safely together.

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